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What is revolutionary is that for the first time EVER, you can lose weight without swallowing a pill or herb or drink, or exercising - Yes, you can lose weight by merely sniffing a pen. New research and a double blind study as well as a book on the subject now prove that you can lose weight by sniffing our SlimScents® Diet Pens®!!

Our proven product consists of three pen-like inhalers – each containing a specially formulated aroma proven to cause one feel “full” when used correctly.  Now you can harness the POWER of a new breakthrough aid to appetite control the easy and natural way!  Now you can actually eat your favorite foods and still lose weight!  This is n amazing answer that truly makes perfect “scents.” It’s simple, easy, and it works.  You have only excess pounds to lose.

In the first project and as the book relates, 3,193 individuals were involved in the study which proved that the average person lost about 2% body weight per month without any exercise or special diets of any kind. The second research project was a double-blind study that showed, conclusively, that one could lose about 2.5% body weight.  This study was published in the “Journal for the Advancement in Medicine” (a peer-reviewed medical journal.

The product is available for $49.95 plus $5 shipping and handling - for a grand total of $54.95. This is for the set of 3 aromapens which, in total, are good for at least 4 weeks and as much as 6 weeks - depending upon how often you use the product. Actually, the more you use the product, the better it works - the instructions which are included with your order will explain this. (It is interesting to note that the study of 3,193 patients found the average weight loss was 5 pounds per month.)

These statements have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.
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